What Are Essential Oils?


Essential Oils are the aromatic properties of a plant. When you smell a rose, you are actually experiencing the essential oil of a rose. Pretty neat, huh?! Some plants are steam distilled from the roots, stems, leaves, needles, flowers, and even the resin of a tree to create certain essential oils. Our citrus oils are cold pressed from the rind of a citrus fruit to produce the most luxurious citrus oils. The essential oil is a fatty sack that sits on the plant, this is what the plant uses to ward of predators or illness. This is basically the immune system of the plant; who knew plants had immune systems?!  So in essence, we are using the immune system of a plant to support our immune systems.  This is truly amazing to me and I LOVE that doTERRA goes above and beyond to teach us all of these unique nuggets. 

Why do they work so well?

Human beings are carbon based, and so are essential oils. This means that when you use an essential oil, your body will automatically transport that oil to the area of your body that needs to be supported the most.  To give you an example, if you place a drop of Frankincense under your tongue to reap it’s anti-inflammitory benefits, you will also reap the emotionally calming and balancing benefits of this oil too. Wow! 

How much? How often?

As a Western culture we always want to know a dosage amount. There’s nothing inherently wrong with this; except every person on this planet is uniquely different. Meaning, one size does NOT fit all. Understanding what your body is asking you for is key. That being said, less is more. Essential Oils are very very potent because they are highly concentrated. When in doubt, dilute with a carrier oil (our family loves coconut oil; both in hard form and fractionated form). I always tell people to start with one drop and if you feel like that wasn’t quite enough, just add another drop. It’s easier to add a drop, than take one away! Take some time to get to know your body; it will talk to you, I promise.