The doTERRA Difference

The doTERRA Difference

When it comes to supporting my family’s health, only the top-of-the line essential oils will do.  As you’ve read previously I wanted to use these on my family and bring my kiddos relief, so I had to be 100% confident that what I purchased was not only free from adulterations, pesticides and synthetics , but was also backed by a company whose core vision has always been sourcing and producing essential oils. Plain and simple.

As this industry continues to grow at the rate it is, you will see “essential oils” popping up from companies or stores that don’t know the first thing about them, much less what a true certified pure therapeutic grade essential oil is. This should make you step back and question.

I often wonder how many people are seeing essential oils come to the forefront of wellness and automatically think that your local organic market would be the best place to snag them up. I have to be honest, the old me totally would have. I wouldn’t have given it a second thought. Now you’ll find me in the market reading labels on everything. There can’t be that big of a difference…plus it says 100% pure, it has to be okay right? Wrong.

There are two major factors that play a role in the effectiveness and quality of essential oils:

Plant Potentcy

When selecting which plants are to be used for essential oil production, it is important that the plant is grown in the correct soil, temperature, and climate. When these factors are optimal, the plant will be able to reach its highest potency.

One of the defining  differences between dōTERRA and any other company is the fact that dōTERRA sources their oils from all over the world, wherever that plant grows best. This is actually the main reason why I chose to get started with dōTERRA.

Oil Purity

When oils contain fillers or other elements that dilute and alter their purity, their ability to function at their highest capacity is compromised. In order to enjoy all of the benefits of essential oils, they must be used in their purest form.

Every single batch of dōTERRA essential oil is put through a seven step, third party testing, to ensure every single bottle of oil that is purchased is 100% pure essential oil. Again, tracing back to the fact that I wanted to use these oils on my kids: there needed to be clear-cut, unbiased testing done to ensure that the oils were not only pure but that they held the therapeutic properties that I was looking for.   

Did you know there is no governing agency over essential oils? Many of these bottles that claim to be “100% pure oil” are actually very poor quality and/or highly diluted/adulterated. This is why dōTERRA has set the bar for essential oil purity and potency. dōTERRA’s quality standard for essential oils is called Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade. Our CPTG exceeds industry standards.