Sourcing Our Oils

Have you ever wondered where our essential oils come from? ┬áDid you know that our oils are NOT made in a laboratory? Did you know that very few of our oils actually come from right here in America. In fact many of our oils are from all over the globe. DoTERRA does something amazing in sourcing their oils. They went back to the root of the plant (har har har) and knew that when you grow a plant in its native environment and harvest it at it’s peak; you will greatly reap it’s benefits. So, doTERRA travels the globe looking for the best of the best. They then meet with the locals and create Co-Impact Sourcing with them. DoTERRA works hand in hand in helping many of these impoverished areas make a substantial income, helps teach them when the best times to plant, cultivate, and harvest their plants.

If you click on the below Source To You image, it will take you to the Source To You page where you can learn even more! You can follow the journey of finding the plant all the way to either cold pressing or steam distilling to obtain the best essential oil possible. It’s pretty amazing! Or you can look on the bottom of your essential oil bottle for a few numbers and plug that into their quality report. DoTERRA wants to be fully transparent as to how they get their oils and how pure and ┬ápotent they may be. Pretty amazing stuff! DoTERRA tests all their oils multiple times per year even, so every time you order oils; you can be assured you are getting the best of the best!