New Name; Same ‘ol Us

Have you noticed a few changes? Looked on Facebook lately for us? Or how about Instagram? In case your wondering what’s up… we have made some MAJOR changes to the blog in the past few days. and holy cow are my eyes beginning to cross. These changes are welcome, have been prayed over, and (so far) have been well received. All of this started a few months back with an off handed comment I made to my sweet husband….

I said, “do you think it’s time we change things up on the blog?”

And here we are sitting with a new name, new layout, new business, and loads of new followers. It’s pretty amazing! So how did we decide on Sincerely Living to be our blog name? It is quite a change from our old mysuburbancharm name. Well sweet friends, hubby and I just began brainstorming how we describe our family. Then we pulled out the thesaurus to look for synonyms (aka words that mean the same). Did you know that Sincerely also means: true, genuine, and without pretense. We loved the word sincerely, it’s a wonderful way to end a handwritten note, as well as a great depiction of our family. And after some pondering hubby asked what I thought about Sincerely Living. I loved it. Our family is sincerely living our best lives. Perfect.  …. and so the new name was born! 

Now let’s talk about our new endeavor… doTERRA Essential Oils. Surely if you’re following us on insta or the book you’ve seen the posts. We are LOVING everything doTERRA has brought into our little suburban Kansas home. My kids are healthier, I have better skin, and sweet hubby has found so many ways to relieve various different things. It’s pretty amazing how in just 30 days SO much has changed. Here are a few links that seriously paved our way:

Why did we chose doTERRA?

What are Essential Oils?

Want to learn along side us?! Check back HERE often for the latest updates!

What is the BEST way to learn about Essential Oils?! Join one of our classes!!

Chris and I are putting together an amazing virtual class for you to enjoy. This will be about an hour long presentation followed by an open forum q&a. We hope to educate you on Essential Oils and also give you a chance to speak to us personally with any questions you may be having. This is a loving environment where all questions are welcomed and you must not feel silly for asking 🙂 If you’d like to join one of our virtual classes please email us and we will get back to you with several of our upcoming class dates and times.

We can’t wait to see you in one of our classes! Take care y’all 🙂

~ Kristin

Update from Suburbia

Howdy ho there dear friends! Hubby and I sat down for a few moments to give you a quick recap on what has been happening within our home. We chat about rabies, snow, KU, and so much more!

We’d LOVE to see your NCAA Brackets!! And we need a fun treat to splurge on with the kiddos after the tournament is over. Plus, we want to know who you think will be the bracket winner within our family 🙂

Thanks for tuning in and we’ll see y’all soon!

From Golf to Singing In The Shower


Last week hubby and I answered your questions, and this week we have the kids version! The boys thought your questions were hilarious… so be sure and take a peek!

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Binge Foods, School Routines, & Itchy Noses

You asked us some great questions; and we had a lot of fun answering them for you! Take a quick 8-ish minutes or so to watch our little video and laugh along side of us 🙂

We had so many questions asked of us, we will be making our next Q & A session will just be the kids! Keep those question’s coming… we had a lot of fun doing this and hope to bring you more hilarious antics from our crazy home.

Getting To Know Us!

Have you ever had questions for our family? Questions about the kids? Questions about something you saw me do? Questions about something I’ve decorated, cooked, baked, said, etc? How about questions for my sweet hubby, Chris? Well… here’s your chance to ask away! Comment on this post, our Facebook page, our Instagram page, or even our YouTube channel with your questions for us and we’ll answer them for ya! We can’t wait to hear from you!



{Photo Credit: Hagen Hill Photography}

Family Update

Well, sweet blogging followers…. Our family sure has changed over the past year! Would ya look at that adorable family?! How blessed I truly am to be those kiddo’s mama and that man’s wife.
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Welcome to the Clark Family, Jill!!


Our family rescued a puppy… and she is an absolute joy!

My sweet husband and I had been talking for a while about adding a medium sized dog to our life. Although we love our sweet pooch, Jack… he’s a whopping 15 lbs, is 8 years old, sleeps a lot, and can’t keep up with the kiddos. Don’t get me wrong; he’s a wonderful dog!! But we just felt like having a more active dog in our life would be a great benefit. Enter Jill.

{Such a silly photo of our beloved pooch, Jack}

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Adorable Baseball Team Treats… With FREE Printable!

Baseball Treats

Every week it is someones turn to bring treats to the baseball games. A few weeks ago it was our families turn. I wanted to do something semi-nutritious, but also cute. Emerson went with me to the grocery store to pick out banana’s, Gatoraid, and he decided on Rice Crispy Treats. Not a bad combo if ya ask me!
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The month of April in our home is one that is always busy (and is our most expensive month too). But that doesn’t mean you have to scrimp on the romance with your sweetie pie. Although we have a lot of things going on, you can always go Glamping!

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