We’re Covered In Oil

If you follow our blog, you’ve surely read our journey to becoming more wholistic, gluten free, and conscious of what we are putting in and on our bodies. And as many of you know, my background is in medicine. So for me to wrap my head around doing things in a more “natural” way just seemed SO against the grain and unnatural. After all, I’d just spent a ton of money in college to get a degree in medicine… clearly western medicine was the only way to go. Right?

Well, little did I know, I was being quite narrow minded about things. For the past year we’d been to doctor after doctor, had medical test after medical test, and tried eliminating so many things from our diet and lifestyle. Our oldest, Emerson, lost a significant amount of weight and had a multitude of symptoms leading us to believe he possibly had Celiac. After medical testing, he does not have celiac, but perhaps a gluten intolerance. Ok, well that’s sort of good news. So, diet modifications were in place for not just him, but the whole family. For several months he was doing great, gaining weight, good color, and we were confident we were on the right path.

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